Ask them to use their SuperPowers for Good

27 03 2016

Here are all the Democratic Party “SuperDelegates” and their declared preferences, as of today, March 27, 2016, per wikipedia.

Superdelegates were created by the Democratic party as a way to add some adult management to the primary process (for example, what the Republic Party needs right now). The thing is, many of these people signed on with Hilary long ago, when it seemed like she was the only viable candidate.

Bernie is for real. He deserves – we deserve – a fair chance at the nomination. It’s way past time to stop the “Hilary is inevitable” drum beat and committ to allowing the process to proceed honestly, openly and transparently.

These Supers don’t actually cast their vote until the convention. They can change their vote whenever. If you are in a state where Bernie won the popular vote or where it was way closer than the lopsided Super numbers, call your superdelegate (they are mostly elected representatives) and ask them either to: (1) remain uncommitted until the convention or (2) reflect the vote of the people in their constituency.

Because I am BAD at this website stuff, I could only create a JPG of the list. If someone brilliant wants to figure out how to make a searchable and updatable list of supers, please contact me and I’ll send you the spreadsheet to save you at least one step!





how to create an angry mob

4 03 2016

If you are like millions of Americans who have not and will not vote for Donald Trump, you may be wondering: how the hell did we get here?

The creation of the Trump phenomenon seems mysterious but if you’d really like to know how it happened, take a look at what is happening on the Democratic side of the political divide. For what is happening in the Bern-O-Sphere has all of the ingredients needed to create a Liberal Trump one day in a future near you.

On March 3, 2016, Bernie Sanders’ campaign hosted an event in Michigan. Here is a picture of that event:

Bernie Rally 3 3 16


On March 3, 2016, Hilary Clinton’s campaign hosted an event in New York. Here is a picture of that event:

Hilary Rally 3 3 16


Thousands of people showed up to hear Bernie Sanders talk about his plan to address their concerns. Hundreds of people showed up to hear Hilary Clinton talk about her plans to address our concerns.

I would like to point out that I like Hilary Clinton. I respect her. I am a female and a leader in my own tiny sphere of influence. I understand how some can have a highly negative reaction to an empowered woman who does not hesitate to act as if she were an equal (because she is an equal). I understand that people will say anything to smear a strong female leader. I get it. I truly, sincerely get it.

But Bernie gets us. Bernie is talking about how the American Dream doesn’t exist anymore. Bernie knows why, and he is speaking openly about it. For the first time in my lifetime, we hear the truth about how the world works, how the wealthiest among us get all the benefits, all the options, all chances. And the rest of us get nothing.

Bernie is painting a picture of a world where we can share in the benefits, options and chances. Bernie is speaking about a world that used to exist – back before Reagan and Clinton I and Bush I and II, and Obama. Bernie is talking to hundreds of thousands of people about America as it used to be and can be again.

You don’t hear about that. You hear that Bernie is over. You hear that Hilary has clinched it. She won Super Tuesday. All the Super Delegates will go her way. And they will. The media message is so pervasive, so well-organized, that we will fall in step behind her, our only chance to avoid a fascist victory. Clinton will lead just left of center, just enough to keep women’s rights and civil rights as a wedge issue. Wedge issues are important. They cannot be solved, because solving them would leave no way to manipulate voters for the next round.

Nothing will be solved and the left will develop the groundwork for its own Donald Trump as the base on the left will be angry and disappointed. So angry, and so disappointed.

When so very many people are coming to hear about hope, and they don’t get it, we create our own trouble. On the right, for years, their leaders endorsed the anti-tax and anti-government rhetoric because it keeps their base connected to them. Pro-lifers have been told the reversal of Roe v. Wade is possible. For decades, conservatives have been promised a wall. This year, Trump, Cruz and the rest pledge to put the gay genie back into the bottle.

None of those things are ever coming, but the fight about those things serves the purpose of the Republican establishment, so they keep up the appearances of a fight.

Here is the thing: you can only make hollow promises for so long until the angry and disappointed masses rise up and demand what they’ve been told they need. Or what they know they need. We see this today with the unbelievable rise of Trump. Those of us on the left sit on our high horses proclaiming that this kind of thing was 100% foreseeable.

All the while, we build a frustrated mass of our own. We can see it in the difference in voter turnout from 2008 and today.

But compared to the right, on the left, the disappointment, dismay and disgust is shared by millions more. We want our children to have an American Dream. That is not unreasonable. We want to live in cities without teeming masses of homeless. We should be able to figure that out. We want ourselves to have a respectable retirement. Again, something people in other nations have, and what ordinary Americans pay for with every paycheck.

The anger when those things are denied to us will be enormous. The media needs to hear this. The plutocracy needs to take heed. The average people who make all of this possible are almost finished with giving you a phenomenal bargain.

Someone needs to stand up for the average person and say that it is past time this nation delivered on the Dream for everyone. Right now, that someone is the very reasonable and very patriotic Bernie Sanders. When he loses – and the media has basically colluded in his defeat – millions will be left without hope, bereft of options.

That should scare you more than Trump.

~ Bitterdogooder

C’mon, get in line!

1 03 2011

Welcome to the Museum of Lines! We are so excited to see this months-long-dream finally come to fruition, and grateful to the support of you, our awesome supporters, who supported us as we worked so hard to establish a brand new endeavor dedicated to the study of the history and advancement of that most ubiquitous of human institutions: the line.

It all began as a dream, hatched – where else – in a line! After encountering lines of historic proportions at the Empire State Building in the spring of 2010, our founders Kathleen and EJ did what so many overly-indulged, middle class Americans have done before them: armed with little more than way too much time on their hands, a little money, a cursory knowledge of the Internet and an inflated idea of how interesting their thoughts and concerns might be to others, they founded their own nonprofit!

We are excited to announce that as of April 1, 2011, the Museum of Lines is open at the Seattle Center.  We are so pleased to be joining the City’s renowned panoply of limited-interest museums at this iconic Seattle locale. Thank you to the City Council for making this rapid, firmly binding, no-vote-possible agreement possible to site our vanity project in the heart of Seattle’s prime cultural space.

And so, we welcome you to join us beneath the Space Needle in a long, unmoving line waiting to walk through the shiny glass doors of the Museum of Lines.