C’mon, get in line!

1 03 2011

Welcome to the Museum of Lines! We are so excited to see this months-long-dream finally come to fruition, and grateful to the support of you, our awesome supporters, who supported us as we worked so hard to establish a brand new endeavor dedicated to the study of the history and advancement of that most ubiquitous of human institutions: the line.

It all began as a dream, hatched – where else – in a line! After encountering lines of historic proportions at the Empire State Building in the spring of 2010, our founders Kathleen and EJ did what so many overly-indulged, middle class Americans have done before them: armed with little more than way too much time on their hands, a little money, a cursory knowledge of the Internet and an inflated idea of how interesting their thoughts and concerns might be to others, they founded their own nonprofit!

We are excited to announce that as of April 1, 2011, the Museum of Lines is open at the Seattle Center.  We are so pleased to be joining the City’s renowned panoply of limited-interest museums at this iconic Seattle locale. Thank you to the City Council for making this rapid, firmly binding, no-vote-possible agreement possible to site our vanity project in the heart of Seattle’s prime cultural space.

And so, we welcome you to join us beneath the Space Needle in a long, unmoving line waiting to walk through the shiny glass doors of the Museum of Lines.


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